Diamond’s Private Investigation
Private Investigation Services offered are listed but not exhaustive:

  • Workers Compensation Employment Backgrounds
  • Child Custody Criminal History
  • Missing Persons Photographic/Video Evidence
  • Motor Accidents/DMV Reports
  • Residential History
  • Matrimonial Investigations Landline Phone Records
  • Physical Surveillance
  • Property Searches

Private Investigation services rarely mirror the movies. It is more around information gathering and collating that information into a picture the client can visualize. Invariably, the outcome only serves to confirm the client’s own suspicions. Examples of what an Investigator is able to do: they will uncover court documentation, government filings, property and vehicle information, and asset location. The main clients tend to be Attorneys, Insurance Companies, and Background Checking Agencies. However, individuals often contact an Investigator for more personal reasons. Examples here involve the location of missing loved ones, matrimonial disputes or domestic issues. It should be noted that an Investigator can only work within the realms of the law.

One should always ensure that the Investigator has the relevant experience to deal with the type of enquiry requested, so don’t be afraid to ask whatever questions you may feel relevant to you. At Diamond Investigations, we only employ fully State licensed and insured Private Investigators that are former law enforcement, experienced in maritime law, or with experience within Social Services.