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About Diamond Investigations and Security

Diamond Security was founded in 1994 and now forms part of Mason Evans Inc. We are a full-service, State licensed and insured business, covering Central and South West Florida, whilst being the preferred vendor for various national security companies, with affiliations in New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Philadelphia. The experience of our staff, along with our knowledge of the market, has allowed Diamond to become one of South Florida’s leading providers of Armed and Unarmed Security Officers and Private Investigators.

Our mission is to protect family, values, assets, and Community, ensuring that Diamond grows with the Community, and is always prepared for the challenge of serving, and protecting, its people.

Company Overview:

Since 2006, with a strong platform based on service delivery, Diamond has increased its presence in the region from its base in Cape Coral. Our employees are all qualified to perform their duties, carrying a minimum of the State D license, with many also holding the G License. This always gives us the ability to protect our clients, should the need arise, without having to change the personnel on site. Most of our officers have military or law enforcement backgrounds, with some having both. Our office is well equipped to deal with all types of servicing, from invoicing, staff allocation, client liaison, dispatch, preparation of documentation, to ensuring that each client is given the respect and service expected of us.

The owners of Diamond Security, Ian Mason and David Evans, understand what is required when it comes to servicing our client’s needs, and are on hand, twenty four hours a day, to ensure that we deliver on our promises. We only allocate Supervisors when the client requests, otherwise these duties are performed by the owners. The reason behind this is the simple philosophy that by understanding each post, the owners are able to empathize with the client, helping to understand where the client is coming from when they have concerns, or need help. We also use mobile field officers to check on posts, making sure that all our officers are performing their duties to the best of their abilities.

Company Objective:

Our main aim is to expand further throughout Florida, and the opportunity to provide service to you certainly gives us that opportunity. We also understand that for a Company to consider a smaller provider would be a brave decision, but we are confident that once you experience what we can offer in the way of service delivery, against the more established, traditional providers, we know that you will have made the correct decision.

Company Strengths:

We believe that our strength lies in our ability to deliver on our promises, rather than depend on our name alone. All too often a decision is made because the identity of one provider is more recognizable than another. At Diamond, we know that we have the ability, educated manpower, and backup resources to provide a first class service. The fact that when incidents occur, it is the owners that you will deal with, and not a “manager”, speaks volumes for the commitment Diamond has to obtain your business. Our reputation lies in your hands, because if we do not perform, how can we ask you to be our referee for future positions?

In summary, our strength lies in our people, our service delivery, communication lines, and belief in our ability to deliver on our promises.

Key Personnel

  • Ian Mason: President and Co-Owner
  • David Evans: Vice-President and Co-Owner
  • Henry Jackson: Security Supervisor/Chief Training Officer
  • Brandon Acevedo: Security Manager
  • Jonathan Owens Security Supervisor
  • Edward Gore: Security Supervisor
  • Jennifer Fitzgerald: Office Manager

Security Services

Mason Evans is recognized as being one of the most professional security companies in south Florida, with a reputation for fast and efficient service to many of its business and home clients.