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Diamond Security are the security services you can trust in Florida.

Security Services

We specialize in offering quality security services. Our security guard division is one of the most respected in our area and our security guards are known for their professionalism, punctuality and dedication to protecting your assets – no matter how big or how small. We have gained a top reputation in our industry for our responsiveness and dedication to our work.

Security Guards

Our Security Guards are hand picked and go through a rigorous application procedure and vetting to ensure they not only surpass required industry standards but reach our standards, which we feel is far above what is expected. Our security teams are known  for going that extra mile to ensure the service they give is second to none.

Home Watch

At Diamond, we take the worry out of absentee home ownership. We believe that your home or condominium is one of the most valuable and significant investments you will make in your lifetime. As a full service Private Investigation and Security agency we offer home watch services to fit every budget.

Whether you need once a month, bi-weekly, or weekly inspections with our convenient concierge services, we have a package to meet ever budget, With each visit to your home, we conduct a thorough inspection inside and out and if we find a problem, we resolve it quickly and efficiently, we care for your home as if it were our very own.

We provide home watch services in Lee County.

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What You Get With Diamond

In addition to the peace of mind in knowing your home is taken care of when you’re away, you’ll receive the following with each home watch inspection:

– A report with the results of your home watch inspection.

– Photos detailing any issues that were found during the inspection

– Immediate contact by phone to report any issues that need to be addressed in your home.

– A single point of contact available to address any issues or questions you may have.

– Diamond has a list of very reputable vendors that can be recommended or we are happy to contact vendors of your preference to address any issues that need attention at your home.

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5 Reasons to use Security Cameras

Advantages Of Safety Video cameras In today’s world, a home owner or business owner needs to take the requisite actions to safeguard themselves, their family members and also their financial investments from intruders or any other types of security breach. While lots of home owners and companies choose a complete security system, which is always a great idea, the addition of safety and security video cameras can aid to tape any/all activities that occur around a certain location. Safety cams are not only developed for outside use, but are also typically made use of indoors and can even be useful for watching you children – especially when the increase in abductions and attacks are prevalent. 5 Top Reasons To Invest In Home or Business Security Cameras 1. Safety video cameras supply consistent monitoring of your residence and/or business also when you are not there. Let’s face it. There is no chance that you could be two areas at once. You are either in the house or at work, which is why safety and security cams could be your eyes even when you could not be there personally whether workplace or your home environment. 2. If set up at your home, security protection cameras could help you to see outdoors – your front door or on surrounding your home prior to opening the door or venturing outdoors, this is also the same within your business premises and affords you the extra level of protection that you would need. This is an extremely important security preventative measure for any person, whether you live out in the most rural of settings or in the... read more

Top Recommendation To Enhance Company Security

Florida Companies – Increase Your Safety and security Regarding the growing concern for security, there are plenty of organizations and also facilities that can gain from a boost in the precaution concerning workers, property, as well as information. Firms, small businesses, not-for-profit groups, and even schools ought to capitalize in enhancing the means they protect their interests. Here you will locate a couple of recommendations that could possibly aid increase safety and security for an array of different institutions: Image ID System While secondary schools and also large companies could already utilize photo identification cards, smaller businesses and also various other organizations may not have tapped into the convenience of such a tool. A few of the most effective image ID systems are those that hand over differing degrees of access baseding on your ranking in a business. Regarding the swipe of a digital card, obtaining entryway to first-class areas of a business are not only monitored yet regulated regarding which could have accessibility to crucial data and also other details. Carrying out such a system can avoid the mishandling of essential information. Metal Detectors and also X-Ray Scans Unfortunately, we live in a society that has made steel detectors and X-ray checks an essential device for raising the security of a structure. Secondary schools or even middle schools across the nation have currently set up metal detectors to quit the circulation of violence as well as weapon possession. Considering that medicines are ending up being a boosting troubling trouble, X-ray scans may change the strip as well as purse searches that are taking place in a handful of... read more

Home Security Monitoring And How It Works

Home Security Monitoring 24 Hours A Day With Privacy Home security monitoring does not mean that there will be 24 hour a day surveillance of your home to ensure that your home is protected from a burglar. At least it does not mean that in a literal sense, but home security monitoring does provide you and your family 24 hour a day protection from burglars and in some cases, even fire. Just think of how beneficial that could be and potentially life saving. When you consider that burglars and drug induced criminals are becoming ever more modern in their approach, it also takes a modern – technologically advanced security monitoring and services company to ensure your home and personal safety. The level of protection that you receive will depend on the complexity of your home security system. However the security services company you have chosen will also be an important factor, so when choosing a security system, think about the security company that will be crying out your security monitoring of your home or business premises. The one thing in home security monitoring that is relatively similar no matter which provider or system you choose is the sequence of events that occur while the security system is in use. This article will provide a brief synopsis of how home security monitoring works. Home Security Monitoring Sequence Of Events Just about every home security monitoring system is activated as the first step in the process. Usually the homeowner pushes a button or series of buttons on the keypad to turn on the security system. This sends the message that the... read more